Quick Guides To Give You A Great Start

Use the guides and templates below to optimise your profile and take fast and effective action.

How to use the power of reviews

This video will show you how, by doing just one thing (collecting reviews), it can fuel all of your other marketing. Find out how reviews can feed your social media content. Discover how they can feed you referrals and recommendations and be used to tell stories that resonate at networking events! You’ll also discover how you can win an award and use it for extra credibility and how reviews can get around Advertising Standards red tape.

Profile Page Template

Use our template to ensure visitors to your profile have the information they need in order to buy from you: Click here

Getting Reviews: 3 Quick Tips

Unleash the power of social proof by showcase your clients reviews. Our quick tips show you how to ask for reviews: Click here

Review Request Templates

Use our email and text message review templates. They are easy to use… just copy, paste and edit: Click here

Win An Award With Us

Add credibility and get more sales. You can win your first award with Total Wellness Club when you get your first 10 reviews. This guide shows you how to win. Click here 

Recommend Total Wellness Club

To make Total Wellness Club easy to share we’ve put together a short guide, including suggested messages that make it easy for you to refer us. Click here