Get Traction

This section is for you if you are looking to get your business off the ground and find your first 100 wellness customers or clients.

Generating Leads

The video talks about multiple ways of getting leads and hones in on one of the two most effective ways to generate leads quickly and consistently – networking.

The guide accompany the video gives you a structure for networking conversions and a 60 second pitch. It also includes examples, giving you confidence so you can walk into any networking event with confidence and leave with clients and referrals.

Click here to see the structure and examples

Making Sales

This video shows wellness professionals how to make the sales conversation easy and natural. Neil explains 3 MUST KNOWS before a call and takes you through a six step, sales call process.

The resource below – The No Selling Sales Formula – goes deeper into the sales conversation. It gives question samples, role play examples and outlines the personalities you will meet in a sales conversation. It will put you in control without being pushy or salesy.

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Building Avatars

Do you want to target a certain sector of the public? Do you want to target them in the most profitable way?

In the video Neil explains how to target clients and customers. He takes you through a process, helping you identify not just your ideal client, but the context in which they will most likely buy from you or spend big.

The resource is a template Neil uses to build avatars for Total Wellness Club and with his mentoring clients.

Click here to download the template

Making Sales From Talks And Presentations

In the video Neil shows you how to be normal and authentic, give value and make sales – without being pushy or salesy. He explains both the structure and gives you examples.

The resource gives you structure, so you know what to say when.

Click here to see the structure

Getting Referrals and Recommendations

In the video Neil shows you how to build a referral network and get recommendations. He’ll also show you how you can use your client based to bring you more clients.

The guide gives you structure, showing examples of how to make it really simple for people to introduce you. The review template is an email asking for reviews

Get the guide here  and see the review template here

Get Further Help

Neil is a coach and mentor for well-being start-ups.  He’s skilled at finding your client flow and in helping you find the right words so you don’t get flustered or tongue-tied.  

He’s designed the guides above to give you a great start, and offers short-term  mentoring packages to answer clarify questions and polish.  

You can get in touch with Neil here