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Is Client Attraction a Challenge?

We’ve spoken to wellness providers all over the world and noted that the biggest challenge is consistently attracting new customers.

At Total Wellness Club, we make it easy for you by giving you attraction tools and solid marketing advice.

When your wellness business is just getting going we help you build your business by giving you referral tools and strategies.

Once your business gains momentum we help you shift gear, using attraction strategies to that save you time, streamline your business and scale it.

Without reviews, you are missing sales.
It’s TRUE!

26% of Customers WILL NOT BUY without a review present.

The public expect to see reviews where ever they shop these days. Amazon, Ebay, TripAdvisor, Houzz, Air B&B know that a review is like a personal recommendation because it adds the element of trust in the buyers mind.

You need reviews. Reviews are the most powerful influence tool available to you. Reviews help your prospects see what they can expect and give them the trust and confidence they need before purchase.

If you don’t provide reviews, you are missing out on new business.

Total Wellness Club is like TripAdvisor, but for health and wellness. We help you provide you prospective customers with the third-party social proof they need to purchase your services.

Need more Stats…


Over 77% of people read online reviews when making buying decisions.


62% of people are more likley to buy after they have read a positive third-party review


1 in 5 people will increase how much they spend with a company by 10% after reading reviews

Don’t be left behind. Get Started today and put the fastest growing wellness platform to work for you.

We provide you with the tools…

Finally, a place to collect reviews that satisfy your customers’ desire to share their experience… and building your reputation.

Review Examples:

…to climb to the top of the search

That’s right, Google visibility! Earn stars that drive more visitors.

…to build credibility

We help you build credibility and authority by helping you win awards based on your review scores and volume.

Use the award win badges to show your credibility. Use them:
• on your website
• in your online profiles
• in your social media posts
• in your PR!

And why not have the MC at your next event introduce you as an award winner for instant impact!

…to grow your business

You will have access to our Marketing Insights which has been created by our sales and marketing management team – putting decades of experience, knowledge and expertise on your side.

Our marketing suite will give you everything you need to get off to a flying start…

New Clients

Get off to a flying start with our free guides and templates. These will help you attract more customers.

Your Marketing

Use video tutorials to grow your business. Our resources show you what to do from start-up to 10,000+ customers.

And Streamline

Our team of mentors will help you increase sales, create new products, develop your brand and systematise your follow up.


When you collect reviews that prove you deliver an outstanding service or product we give you awards – a great way to enhance credibility in your niche.

4 easy steps to get started:

Build your profile by
setting up your
Total Wellness Club

Get your first
customer reviews.

Livestream reviews to
your website at point of
sale. Reviews increase
trust, leading to better
sales conversions.

Use reviews in other
forms of marketing such
as press releases, brochures,
promotions and

See what our customers are saying about us.

Total Wellness Club is the ultimate review platform for health, fitness and wellness providers. We aim to continually improve and every heart-felt review helps us provide ever-better experiences for both wellness seekers and wellness professionals.

The Total Wellness Club Movement

There is a shift happening. Can you feel it?
People around the world are becoming aware that their health is their greatest asset. People are starting to move towards prevention and natural solutions.

We know in the near future medical doctors and pharmaceuticals will no longer be the go-to. Just as food standards within superstores have been transformed as awareness and demand continues to shift, so will wellness programs become part of the work culture – employees will refuse to work there without them. We want to live in a world where trends in obesity, cancer, diabetes are reversed and where joint replacement and transplant operations fall.

But we don’t want to wait.

Our role is to help people understand what is available to them so they can make the shift faster. And you are a part of this shift.

Together, we can make this happen more quickly.

We’d love for you to join us.

Package Options

Professional Package vs Basic?

Our professional package is ideal when you want your:

New customers and clients to have confidence in your from the word go. Professional gives you social proof, where you need it, when you need it. Professional also attracts new clients too – because you will stand out above the ordinary. 

No long-term contract

We believe you will be 100% happy with our services.
If for any reason your chosen package isn’t working for you, you may cancel at anytime, with just an email.


By joining Total Wellness Club you will:

Create customer confidence.
Get great customer reviews.
Increase customer attraction.
Get seen on Google.
Be a leader in the world’s Wellness Movement.

Total Wellness Club help solve the problem of preventable ill-health by helping wellness seekers find products and services user reviews and ratings

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